Seven Rocks Mining

Patent References

Excerpts of specific technologies from the list of 348 patents and patentable Know-How owned, introduced and completed by Dr. Eng. Bohdan Zakiewicz to the specific large industrial projects.

List of major Patents published and introduced in large industrial practice, which created a new technological Era of “PRO-ECOLOGICAL BORE_HOLE MINING & ENERGY SYSTEMS”

1 Mining of Low Permeability Sulphur Deposits Polish Patent No. 48,717 – 1961 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
2 Mining of Non Isolated Thin Sulphur Deposits Polish Patent No. 57,680 – 1969
3 Mining and Confining of Widely Spread Deposits Polish Patent No. 74,993 – 1972 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
4 Mining of Sulphur USA Patent No. 4,249,775 – 1981 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
5 Borehole Mining of Solid Mineral Resources USA Patent No 4,289.354 – 1981 (Fossils Underground Gasification)
6 Oil Recovery Method and Apparatus USA Patent No. 4,305,463-1981 (Recovery of Fluidized Minerals)
7 Process of Recovery of the HC from Mineral Oil Deposits USA Patent No 4,550,779 – 1985 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
8 Thermo-chemical Reforming Process and Plant for Ultra Heavy Crude and Tar European Patent No. 143,626 – 1991 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
9 Recovery and Reforming of Ultra Heavy Tars and Crude Deposits European Patent No. 144,203 – 1991 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
10 Proceso Reformador Thermo-Chemico y Planta Para Crudo Ultra Posado y Alquitrant Venezuelan Patent No. 48,741 – 1992 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
11 Recovery & Reforming of Crude at the Heads of Multifunctional Wells and Oil Mining System with Flue Gas Stimulation USA Patent No. 6,318,468 B1 – 2001 (Elements of HC and coal Fluidization)
12 Pro-Ecological Mining System USA Patent No. 6,679,326 B2 – 2002 (Elements of underground HC and coal Gasification, Fluidization and Recovery)
13 Matrix of Meltable Minerals USA Patent No. 6,627,680 B2 – 2003 (Method of fluidization and processingof minerals)
14 Bore Hole Mining of Coal-Bed Methane, with enhancement by micro-fracturing and dragging forces, with Super Daisy Shaft and Jet Stingers USA Patent pending – 2005 (Method of un-locking methane from entrapment in coal massif.
15 Thermo-chemical Underground Reforming Process and Plant for Complex Extraction of Energy from Coal deposits (CEEC technology) USA Patent Pending – 2006 (Method of production high quality synthesis gas and low cost el. energy)
16 Geothermal Energy Extraction from hot water aquiferswithout damaging of the natural resources USA Patent Pending – 2007 (Production low cost energy without pumping warm water from aquifers)
17 GEOTHERMIC ENERGY EXTRACTION from deep, dry plutonic heat energy as major source of low cost el. Power (Geothermic Solution technology) USA Patent pending – 2008 (Harvesting of the dry heat energy with SDS technology)